Dentist in Sterlington, LA

Southern Roots Dental in Sterlington offers customized dental care in a comfortable environment, ensuring you get natural results.Doctors Julie LeBell Simpson and Sarah Hummel Gregory are of the belief that a healthy smile is a happy smile. Together with their team, they are committed to offering the best in quality care to all their patients through the wide range of cosmetic, preventive, and restorative dentistry options offered at Southern Roots Dental. Our cosmetic procedures help our patients achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile while the required changes are made. If you suffer from any dental issues that require you to get a filling, crown, or bridgework, then our restorative procedures will offer the needed perfection. We also offer several preventive dentistry options that help take care of your oral health while maintaining your beautiful smile.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures

Cosmetic dentistry is meant to enhance the appearance of your teeth while at the same time ensuring that their functionality is maintained. Our team in Sterlington focuses on choosing the most suited procedure for you by considering the shape, size, color, and position of your teeth to ensure that the chosen treatment enhances your smile. We also make use of dermal fillers and neuromodulators to enhance your smile; these injectables help with the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth. Here are the cosmetic dental procedures you can choose from:

Preventive dentistry procedures

Preventive dentistry procedures take care of your teeth and are developed to ensure their health is well maintained. Our team of experts carefully choose the best treatments to help you avoid issues like cavities, gum disease, and any natural wear and tear of the tooth enamel. We also help our patients in Sterlington with the latest digital screening and imaging services that help check for oral cancer. You can choose from the following procedures:

Restorative dentistry procedures

In case of any missing or damaged teeth, we offer the best in restorative methods at Southern Roots Dental in Sterlington. These procedures help with tooth restoration and replacement. If you have any oral health issues, you can benefit from the comprehensive restorative treatments we offer. After your consultation where we understand your concerns, a customized treatment plan is developed that may also include cosmetic treatments to ensure your teeth continue to look natural. Here are the restorative procedures you can choose from:

About Sterlington, LA

Sterlington is a town in the northern Quachita Parish in Louisiana. Sterlington has been home to ANGUS Chemical Company, which is a subsidiary of the Dow Chemical Company since 1930. It provides more than 200 full time and contract jobs to the area with a $20 million annual impact on the local economy. Sterlington is the fastest growing community in Northeast Louisiana mostly because of its public schools and easy access to major employers in the Quachita Parish.

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