Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging helps us to see what’s going on inside and around your teeth!

Digital x-rays are a vital part of any dental treatment plan. Digital x-rays can help to detect cavities and infection, allow us to examine the roots of your teeth and the bony area around the teeth, and check for periodontal disease.

Common types of x-rays used by dental professionals may include:

Bite-Wing- These x-rays offer a view of the upper and lower back teeth, and helps to determine if decay and/or tartar is present in or around the teeth.

Periapical- These x-rays offer a view of the entire tooth and can help to detect the presence of abscesses and excessive bone loss around the tooth.

Panoramic- These x-rays show a view of the teeth, jaws, nasal area, sinuses, and jaw joints.

What to Expect

Digital x-rays are safe and expose you to the minimum amount of radiation. Today, advances in technology have allowed dental professionals to focus the x-ray beam on a specific area of the mouth, and high-speed film also reduces the amount of radiation exposure.